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SPEAKERS > Anand Annamalai

Anand Annamalai

Health Care Network

Anand Annamalai is the co-founder of the health care network, House Health Inc. House Health spans 4 States, 25 hospitals, and helps nearly 5 million people each year. The “House” mission is to allow equitable access for all demographics to care for cancer and organ failure.

Over the years, Anand has been recognized and appreciated for global humanitarian efforts as he has led the creation of multiple international medical programs and hospitals. He is also a Presidential Leadership Scholar. In his efforts to change healthcare, Anand wears several hats. He has mastered many skills outside of being a physician in order to lead a healthcare technology company, a not-for-profit technical/trade training program, and a basic science research laboratory.

Life has so much to offer, and Anand enjoys it. He is passionate about travel and being active - he’s traveled all over the world, played several sports at competitive levels, and ran over 20 marathons. The most amazing and precious thing to him in his life is his family.

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