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SPEAKERS > Omni Casey

Omni Casey

Real Estate Investor, Broker & Coach
New Leaf Redevelopers

Omni has been a real estate investor, broker and coach for 20 years, He has a real estate investment company, New Leaf Redevelopers, which focuses on value-add residential and mixed-use projects. He has also been featured on dozens of other real estate investor and business podcasts, radio shows and publications and on these shows he often shares the concept of living his life for decades. His 20’s were about achieving financial freedom. His 30’s were about creating generational wealth. And now his 40’s are about creating and leaving a legacy.

He is also the founder of the Cash-Flow Breakfast Club, an amazing community of mentors, coaches & masterminds. It is a place for real estate investors to gather knowledge, get experience, gain confidence, grow their mindset, and grow their investing team. It was founded on the belief that every successful investor, entrepreneur or business owner can only reach their full potential if they have amazing Mentors, Coaches and Masterminds.

Omni is obsessed with teaching his 3 kids, Kingston (14), Brooklyn (10) and Auston (8) financial literacy and does everything possible to provide them hands-on experiences with their investment projects on a regular basis.

Let's evoke entrepreneurial traits of our Nagarathar community and facilitate & encourage Nagarathars to become successful entrepreneurs


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